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6 Step QUALITY CHECK Process
Step 1 : Project Analysis - Define
Gather project requirements.
Confirm client goals.
Analyze client original documentation.
Establish delivery requirements and timeline.
Obtain existing glossaries, reference materials, translation memory.
Step 2: Project Planning - Prepare
Files for Translation.
Organize resources.
Establish project schedule.
Confirm translation team.
Step 3: Project Management - Core Translation Process
Start linguistic, desktop, and/or media activities.
Create translation memory.
Step 4: Review - Initial Quality Check
Verify consistency of terminology, linguistic accuracy.
Obtain in-country reviewer's input; assess comments.
Update translation memory.
Step 5: In-Country Review - Quality Check with Client
Assess client comments.
Revise as appropriate.
Update translation memory.
Step 6: Final Approval & Delivery - Final Quality Check and Product Delivery
Confirm linguistics.
Obtain final approval from client.
Assess customer satisfaction.
Archive information.
Deliver product in requested format.
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