FAQs avenue digital faq
1. Which Software do you use for Indian Languages?
We use latest version of Shri Lipi for Language Editing.
2. What expertise do you offer to Pharmaceutical industry?
The Translators involved in our team for all languages are specialized in the Medical terminology and are carrying out assignments along with us since last 5-10 years. We have been translating various types of documents i.e. ICF studies, Brochure, Diary Card, Assent Forms, Patient information sheet, Pharmocogenetic etc. We have more than 10 years experience in translation for clinical trials.
We have done Agreements and Legal document translations for various companies (being confidential we would not be able to disclose the names of the companies).
Our entire team has been GCP trained which was conducted by Glaxo a leading pharmaceutical company.
We do all our work entirely by ourselves and do not sub contract it.
3. What Foreign languages do you work in?
We do European Languages like French, Spanish, German and Italian, Chinese, Russian etc.
Procedure of Translation:
a. The copy of original text once received by us is first understood by our language coordinator who then briefs up to the translator accordingly.
b. The Translation copies once received from the respective translators are then discussed by our coordinator on a one-to-one basis, thereby eliminating chances of omissions or misunderstanding if any by the translators.
c. The same procedure is followed while doing the back translations. BUT additional care is taken that the original copy is not discussed with the back translators.
d. The Translators write the copies in our premises, wherein they do not have to carry the copies outside.
e. Apart from the above process even some stringent rules are followed within our premises to maintain the confidentiality on behalf of our clients.
f. We at our end not only give a professional but also that extra personal touch to all assignments which enables to complete the job.
Sure enough, Avenue has given a new perspective to translation work and has become a byword in quality consciousness and customer satisfaction.
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